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Tutorial de instalação – Pixel

Learn here how to install and use Valorant Pixel

– Installation

First download the requirements and install them:


2) Make sure you disable any antivirus, including windows defender with the above program.

3) Download the loader that is on orders, or in your email, and extract to Disk C: (to the root, not the desktop or elsewhere.

4) Run the loader and put in your key. After you have made your settings in the “settings” section, press the “start” button.



You must choose Valorant Settings> General> Enemy highlight color> Purple [Tritanopia]
The sensitivity setting in ‘BOT SETTINGS’ must be the same as your in-game sensitivity setting
Your destkop resolution must be the same as your in-game resolution
DO NOT use purple (magenta) sights

Error Fixes ( PT – EN )

– Possible errors:


1- You should have the purple enemy outline
2- In windows display settings, adjust scale and layout should be at 100%
3- If you play in full screen try to put the full screen mode window
4- Your game resolution and desktop resolution should have the same resolution
6- The raw input options should be disabled (general settings in valorant)
7- You should have one more mouse hyd_compilant, just disable the second one afterwards and it should work (Click to open the example image)

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