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Tutorial instalação – BGX

Learn here how to install and use the BGX software

– Installation

1) Em primeiro lugar, Crie uma conta no fórum e então você deve baixar o instalador no link: https://forum.bgx.gg/forum/7-bgx-loader-download/

2) Run the installer and follow the steps, note that you must be on Windows 8 or higher to be able to use BGX.

3) BGX, when installed, is ready to be used.

4) Start the loader (BGX Loader) and check that it starts correctly by logging in, if everything works correctly, it should update itself on the first boot.

5) If the loader does not start after a while and the BGX loader process is closed in the task manager, remove the folder where BGX is installed (Loader BGX) and start over from step 2

6) If the Loader still does not start, try disabling Windows Defender or any kind of antivirus that might prevent BGX from starting and go back from step 5 (including the part that takes you back to step 2)

7) If the charger still refuses to start, try contacting a staff member about your problem

Nota: Mais ajuda e melhores configurações em: https://discord.gg/tRCdZMYmcN

Usefull Links:

Full tutorial BGX ENG link: https://forum.bgx.gg/topic/23-guide-getting-started-with-bgxgg/

Full tutorial BGX ENG link: https://forum.bgx.gg/topic/92-guia-primeiros-passos-com-bgxgg-tradu%C3%A7%C3%A3o/

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