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First download the requirements and install:

– Defender Must be disabled use Defender Control: Download Here

– DirectX End-User Runtime: Download Here

– Install AIO Runtimes: Download Here

– Bios Must be on UEFI

– Secure Boot Must be OFF in BIOS

– Disable CPU based Virtualization in BIOS

– UAC put all way down to disable it Tutorial Here

– Windows Firewall Off: Tutorial Here

– If u have NVIDIA GPU, ENABLE Geforce Expirence overlay (ONLY IN VALORANT)

You need RTTS if you using (FORTNITE / PUBG): Download here, Open before inject.

How to use:

Extract loader to root of disk C:, do not put on desktop or onedrive

>>Open STEAM as administrator FOR ALL GAMES no matter what platform you playing on<<

Run Loader EXE

Insert key in loader, Press Inject, Inject again. Wait for the successfully injected message then click OK, Wait loader full close

Open the game

Your game can not be full screen

Insert is Default menu key

if you have any problems or errors, read the troubleshoot.txt

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